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Charting the future of Pharmacovigilance Program in India 2024

Pharmacovigilance Program The investigators and sponsors are specifically responsible for ensuring that participants in clinical trials can identify potential risks associated with the investigational medicinal product (IMP). Now, the trend of pharmacovigilance program in India is moving towards digital transformation that cannot be overlooked. With automation, electronic data capture and cloud-based systems raised the standard

Clinical SAS Programmer: 7 Skills You Need to Succeed

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Manifold Healthcare Career Opportunities in 2024

The healthcare industry in India is not just a mere sector, it is a lifeline for everyone where innovation and compassion converge ensuring a healthy and prosperous future for millions of people. Healthcare is a vast and multifaceted sector that offers a diverse range of healthcare career opportunities for early healthcare professionals or students in

Data Management in Clinical Trials: 5 Best Practices

Effective data management helps you minimize potential errors while establishing processes and policies for usage, building trust and making decisions across your organization. When it comes to data management in Clinical trials, CTMS (Clinical Trial Management Systems), are designed to help clinical research studies meet their requirements. CDM plays a crucial role in every successful


Clinical SAS Programming Clinical SAS programming involves using the SAS software suite for data management, statistical analysis, and reporting in the domain of clinical trials and healthcare research. This discipline plays a pivotal role in managing, analyzing, and reporting the data generated from clinical trials. Here are key components related to Clinical SAS programming. The